connecting with plants part 5 - appreciation

Connecting with plants isn’t necessarily about getting information from them-  about what to use them for trying to get them to communicate connect with us – it’s also about establishing the relationship. 

Deepening our understanding,  appreciation, and our gratitude of herbs, is a way to experience another layer in each of our personal journeys connecting with plants. It’s a continual process.  

Be gentle with yourself, as you go through the process, sometimes the connection seems to really get plugged in and a  great sense of appreciation and love and connection with the plants flows. And sometimes it just feels like, connecting isn’t  happening in the way that you may wish it to happen. 

From my experience if I’m stressed while trying to connect in with a plant, sometimes that just doesn’t plug in that day.  Lack of connection can have to do with where I’m at mentally, physically, spiritually, energetically and/or it can have a lot to do with how the plant is also getting to know you. It may also be stressed and it’s resources are being held close. 

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