hand on a tea mug, title tea time with the witch

As I sit at my kitchen table drinking delicious healing herbal tea . . . my house feels like a mess. The Productivity Monster is here to steal the moment.

As I look out the window I see many things to do that lie in my view.

The pumpkins need to be processed before they rot, bananas need to be baked into muffins ASAP, I have tinctures to be strained, the Apple Cider Vinegar looks flat, my tea cabinet is disorganized, and I have some house plants with the winter blahs that need attention. 

I invoke the archetype of the Witch to alchemize this situation anew!

And so it is!

a table with a hand holding a mug in the foreground, further on the table is pumpkins, apples, bananas. Window shows a winter outdoor seen.

I imagine the Witch lives in a small hut with plants, elixirs, mushrooms, and all matter of natural items strewn in every rafter, basket, dark corner, under tables and cabinets. Abundance everywhere! Because foraging, harvesting, processing, and crafting potions must be done according to nature’s cycles . . . not the human made clocks or calendars. 

a picture of a hut

If I look at my house through the eyes of the Witch archetype I see abundance! Teas ready, cups clean and empty waiting to be filled up for friends, family, and me! 


I see the cycles of life right before my eyes – growth, fruition, decay, death, rebirth. 


I imagine if the wild, messy witch archetype walked through my door they would be delighted to play with the tea cabinet, rummage through my piles of books, and dig through bags and jars in my apothecary – it would be a treasure trove. 


Embrace the messy moments and wild unorganized items. In the landscape of the Witch this is perfection!


Much better!


This perspective feels grounded and centered. My nervous system “regulates to in-the-moment” mode. 


I feel my energy return from future planning and fixing and into my body. 


I hear the cold wind blow past the window. I’m so cozy in my house. What a blessing to be warm on a cold day! 


What a blessing to have a diverse collection of teas to enjoy, what a blessing to have food in stages of their prime, fermentation, infusing, and sweet decay. 


What a blessing to have houseplants to care for. They also care for me. 


My tea is at its prime to drink – not too sweet, not too tart, and not too hot.


 Everything is as it should be. All is well. 

If you would like to learn more about ways to utilize archetypes for your herbal pathway – start with the Herbal Pathway Archetypes Quiz. Click here to take the free quiz. 

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