My garden needs a makeover

My Garden Needs a Makeover My garden needs a make-over. Not the kind that focuses on cosmetics. The kind that focuses on fertility, productivity, and magic. What is magic? Beliefs and ideas manifested into physical form with the use of spiritual tools such as...

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“It’s a Witch Hunt”

"It's a Witch hunt!" Every time I hear a politician use the term “It’s a Witch hunt.” My eyes roll so far back in my head I fear I’ll need a physician to retrieve them. Usually this phrase is used to deem a situation as nonsense, untrue, or looking for something that...

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This was a time of initiation

“When did you become Pagan?” “What do you mean?” “You know, some people can remember when they became a Christian or were born into a family religion and didn’t get serious about it until a certain age.” “I was born this way.”   The term “pagan” is most closely...

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Keeper of the Garden and the Original Emoji

I’m lucky to be the “Keeper of the Garden” for this community garden. Really, just the simple things – schedule plowing, arrange mowing, contact the city to connect the water. Though, without my involvement, to hold  space, the garden wouldn’t be open. You see, when I...

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Full Circle Herbals 2017 overview – offers for you

Happy New Year for 2018!   Are you ready to learn more about herbalism? I am! I've been making a snails pace at the Science and Art of Herbalism which is a Rosemary Gladstar on-line self-study course. I'm dedicated to doing the homework in 2018 because there's...

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Having fun talking about tea for the bum

I was in a closed facebook group for entrepreneurs just practicing doing a live video. Well I think it went pretty good and gave me a bit of a chuckle watching the replay. So might as well share it with the world hahaha!!! The herbal tip is about a a tea that eases...

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What if there were Plant Priestesses?

What if there were Plant Priestesses? Bringing the sacredness of plants back to humans. Guarding plant communities for the good of humanity, for the good of the natural systems of the world. Advocating for them to live because they are medicine - heart, soul, mind,...

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Calming herbs: milky oat tops

milky oat tops Avena sativa  The same oats eaten for oatmeal are also used as a medicinal too.  Every heard someone say grass is only for bunnies? Nope. Humans eat grasses too. Oats are one of them. The best part of an oat plant to use is the seed at milky stage and...

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