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I’m an herbalist providing herbal information to enhance your overall wellness or sleuth out an herbal remedy for a particular issue troubling you.

Think of me as an herbal life coach – ready to listen to your wellness needs and guide you toward plants that match your wellness goals and attune to your lifestyle.

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Latest Articles on my Blog

Introduction to Calming Chamomile

Another top 10 herb in Erin’s apothecary. Chamomile has long been used for calming the nervous system and soothing the stomach for kids and adults. Learn how to make a vegetable glycerin tincture as well as grow, harvest, and dry this little flower. Learn some tips on...

Introduction to Soothing Plantain with Erin LaFaive

Another top 10 herb in Erin’s first aid kit. Plantain is commonly thought of as a pesky weed in lawns and gardens. It also has soothing properties for the body such as soothing the skin. Learn how to make herbal oil and salve in this episode.  Plantain can be used as...

Herbs to support smoke cessation

Herbs to support smoke cessation

This podcast episode features guest Kerri Kiernan from River Prairie Apothecary. She mentions these herbs: Base Red raspberry leaf Rubus idaeus Mullein leaf Verbascum thapsus Marshmallow leaf Althaea officinalis Mid Skull cap Scuttellaria laterfolia Catnip Nepeta...

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