Hi, I'm Erin LaFaive

I’m an herbalist providing herbal information to enhance your overall wellness or sleuth out an herbal remedy for a particular issue troubling you.

Think of me as an herbal life coach – ready to listen to your wellness needs and guide you toward plants that match your wellness goals and attune to your lifestyle.

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Whether you are looking for a one or two herbs that help with a particular health goals or looking for herbal advice on a complex health issue I’m here to help.

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Latest Articles on my Blog

My garden needs a makeover

My Garden Needs a Makeover My garden needs a make-over. Not the kind that focuses on cosmetics. The kind that focuses on fertility, productivity, and magic. What is magic? Beliefs and ideas manifested into physical form with the use of spiritual tools such as...

“It’s a Witch Hunt”

"It's a Witch hunt!" Every time I hear a politician use the term “It’s a Witch hunt.” My eyes roll so far back in my head I fear I’ll need a physician to retrieve them. Usually this phrase is used to deem a situation as nonsense, untrue, or looking for something that...

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