element of air - wind pollination plants

Have you ever felt the effects of ragweed pollen? Do you get stuffy the same time every year?

Ragweed’s pollen travels on the air.

It is a wind pollinated plant. Some plants that use the wind to carry their pollen from one flower to another are grasses, cattails, plantain, psyllium and trees (maples, birch, oaks) and conifers like pines and spruces.

Anemophilous, or wind pollinated flowers, are usually small and inconspicuous, and do not possess a scent or produce nectar. The anthers may produce a large number of pollen grains, while the stamens are generally long and protrude out of flower.

Look for plants and herbs that don’t have a showy flower or a scent to find plants that represent air, having smaller or no petals make it easier for the air to move their pollen around. 

As a plant priestess synchronizing with nature is fundamental to the way we live and learn. Each element has its gifts and lessons to provide perspective into our lives. Join Erin LaFaive for live mini-lessons on the video podcast HERBS (Herbs with Erin – Remedies for Body and Spirit). This month is all about the element of air.

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Element of Air part 2

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