Element of air - function of leaves podcast

When we begin to learn more about how leaves function we can see just how fascinating these little photosynthetic and respiration factories are.

Leaves have a vital role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, act as natural air purifiers. They provide visual cues to how the plants are doing. 

As you start to visit plants over different stages of growth, different times of day, and different seasons you’ll start to notice patterns of how leaves react to different stimuli – allowing you to get to know them better.

The function of a leaf is to protect the plant against natural elements such as water loss. The plants arrange their leaves to optimize its surface area to collect sunlight.

Leaves are like the lungs of the earth. They create the vital oxygen needed for other beings such as animals and the plant’s root themselves.

Each leaf on a tree serves an important function. Without leaves, there would be no life. By contrasting them with the four classical elements of fire, air, water, and earth, we can see just how fascinating these little photosynthetic factories are.

Plants play a vital role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, acting as our natural air purifier.

Plants are living beings, just like us. Their mechanism for input is photosynthesis, and their mechanism for output is transpiration. The leaves of the plants are what house these mechanisms. They serve as a filter to capture sunlight that is needed for photosynthesis to take place. When you enter the forest and hear the sound of leaves rustling in the winds you are hearing the powerful organs of the plant moving  

Leaves are one of the most important parts of the plant, and have dozens of uses beyond making a delicious tea. Leaves contain important nutrients and constituents and can be the main ingredient in making salves, tinctures and other herbal recipes.

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Element of Air – Function of Leaves


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