hand holding herbs with text that says I used to be afraid of herbs
I used to be afraid of almost every herb because I secretly worried “What if I used it the wrong way it would harm me . . . with the potential to be deadly. I kept to the “safe” herbs. The ones I had heard about over and over such as chamomile and peppermint. 


These herbs could be easily grown, found in supermarkets, and consumed by thousands and thousands of people, served in restaurants, and more. 


Then, I realized, “what if I did the same thing with other herbs?”. What if I learned, looked, licked, smelled, touched, talked, grew, gathered,  them over and over until I became comfortable with it?”. 


It worked! My list of “safe” herbs grew! 


The more I acquainted myself with a particular “scary” herb, the more comfortable I felt using them in my life. 


I practice being curious about other herbs that seemed difficult to identify in nature, or herbs that grew thousands of miles away that I’d never seen, or herbs that had bad reputations and contradictory information available.


Sometimes that “scared” feeling creeps back in when I encounter a new herb to learn about. Though, I realize now this feeling is trying to keep me safe from the unknown. 



The best antidote for that is information, experience, and play!


Playing with herbs is useful. 

Playing with herbs is helpful.

Playing with herbs is healing.

Playing with herbs is fun.


So how does one play with herbs? 


Join me, for Secret Meeting: Creating Mysterious & Curious Potions, September 25 online. 


No knowledge required, but your inner child must come to play! 


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