What if there were Plant Priestesses?

Bringing the sacredness of plants back to humans.

Guarding plant communities for the good of humanity, for the good of the natural systems of the world.

Advocating for them to live because they are medicine – heart, soul, mind, spirit, body.

Reviving, re-learning, re-aligning to the sacred language of plants. There is one. A forgotten relationship. It hasn’t been gone very long . . . in comparison to how long humans have been on the Earth. More time has existed with plants and humans communicating than not. Remember that. It may feel like a long forgotten relationship, a huge deficit of interconnectedness.

It’s the disconnection that feels sooooo deep. Deeply felt emotions often get in the way of solutions especially the painful emotions. The solution is to remember. Connect. Rekindle the relationship. The light will grow quickly. 


Humans are connected to plants, we have forgotten, we take it for granted

Plants connect life in so many ways:

Plants provide energy for living things – mammals, reptiles, insects, amphibians, fungi, even critters of the oceans. Without the glucose plants make thru photosynthesis = no food. Humans done.
Interconnections between pollinating insects feeding on pollen and nectar while the plant gets the necessary pollen from a neighboring plant delivered from the insect. All this activity helps create fruit which humans    L-O-V-E. And other animals fatten up on it too which we in turn may eat.  

  • Fibers for paper, clothes, fuel
  • Secondary metabolites for medicine
  • Sap for syrup
  • Roots, leaves, stems, flowers, buds, ripened fruit and seeds to eat
  • Resin for sealant   
  • Pigments for dyes
  • Forests for oxygen
  • Canopies for shade



Plants connect humans to spirit worlds through sacred smoke  – frankincense, myrrh, white sage, palo santo, and others

            Clearing, cleansing, purifying

What if we had Plant Priestesses looking at the world and human interaction in a different perspective – the plant perspective?

What does the world look like through Plant Priestess eyes?
            A messy field of weeds
                  Medicines, nutrients, corridor for nature, mycorrhizae habitat

field with sun coming through trees

            A manicured mono-crop of turf
                  Herbicide, fungicides, synthetic fertilizer, gasoline to power equipment. Time, $$, Effort that could be used to help humanity.

            A diverse forest of trees
                  Products for timber to build safe, cozy livable structures AND a place for natural systems to flourish. Both purposes together. Neither decimated.

            A tree in the path of construction

“cut it down! it’s just a tree!!”

The Plant Priestess may agree it could come down  . . . with respect, ceremony, honor.

Allowing the memories and interactions to be honored. Those who want to keep it have reason. Human ~ plant ~ connection = a relationship

Memories of a former park,

            Childhood games

                        An engagement offer

                                    Comforting shade during grief

            Every passing car ride

                        Memories re-lived

                                    What is remembered , lives.


I’ve never met anyone who called themselves or others a Plant Priestess.

I think I’ll start.

women in forest twirling with shawl


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