Happy New Year for 2018!


Are you ready to learn more about herbalism?

I am!

I’ve been making a snails pace at the Science and Art of Herbalism which is a Rosemary Gladstar on-line self-study course. I’m dedicated to doing the homework in 2018 because there’s always something for me to learn and to review.

Here are some ways you can learn from my 2017 offerings and what’s to come in 2018 with Full Circle Herbals.

2017 has been a fun year for Full Circle Herbals. 

  • I finished the Learning Herbalism Workbook digital and printed version. What a learning experiencing it was to figure out the process of  printed publishing! 
  • Created the “How to Learning Herbalism ecourse” and led it 4 times. 
  • Created the Plant Priestess Circle membership site.
    Explore sacred plant wisdom in the plant priestess circle.
  • Presented for the first time at the Midwest Women’s Herbal Conference (and will do so in 2018 too!) 
  • I was a guest speaker for The Sisters Enchanted 
  • I “met” jim mcdonald and Matthew Wood. Well . . . I didn’t shake their hands or even introduce myself but I was at the same conference, ate in the same room with them, and sat in a session that Matthew was teaching 🙂 Good enough for me! Me and Amy Shea trying to take a selfie with jim in the background bhahaaha!
  • Wrote of couple personal blog posts describing my herbal journey and perspectives on plants.
  • Finished my term as Board of Directors Chair for Herbalists Without Borders.

I created and led free on-line herbal learning opportunities:

I did this all while working full-time at my “day job”, raising 2 kids, handling a serious family medical situation, herding 2 cats, nurturing a marriage, and other life ups and downs. Wheee!! It’s been fun and a learning experience. 

I’m looking forward to creating more herbal learning opportunities for those that want to add more herbs into their wellness routine and for those wanting to be herbalists and Plant Priestesses. 

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