Embody the Green Witch

A six month virtual workshop

to practice embodying  the essence & the skills of the Green Witch

to reclaim your herbal wisdom lineage.

Witch is a word to be re-claimed . . .

Reclaiming the word “Witch” brings back the connection to the Earth elements, the sacredness of all beings, the importance of women in all roles. Green Witches are tuning into nature and especially the plants. 

The origin of the word witch has been debated. Its meaning has changed as it moved through other languages and religions.

“Witch” has many reported meanings from “to bend, to change”, female sorceress, to summon, and to represent the town herbalist or wise one. If a religion deemed intuition, dreams, and herbal knowledge as work of malignant forces – then witch suffered a similar fate. 

“Witch” has often been associated with women who are closely aligned with nature and have abilities such as grow and gather food, honor seasons, predict weather patterns, track animals, and more. 

Witches utilize their natural abilities with intuition, dreams, trancework, and other non-analytical forms of knowledge to guide them through life. 

What’s included in this 6 month workshop:


Green Witch Gardening eCourse 


Bi-Weekly resources 


2 NEW Lessons 


Dark Moon Gatherings


Ongoing Access


more details below

Come back to your roots

Green Witches inhale the earth as if it’s the elixir of life. 

They hold seeds like precious diamonds. 

Dirty nails are a badge of honor.

They know when to compost, 

and patiently wait for the fertile gift.

Green Witches find comfort in tiny seeds,

growing to touring sunflowers. 

roots and a woman's face

Embody the Green Witch Workshop

in Right Relationship with Plants

You are here to remember that you’re in the same web of life as the plants. 

This 6 month journey isn’t about becoming something – because you already carry a special connection with plants. This journey will assist to amplify it. 


This is our vow. This is our way forward. 

Being in right relationship with plants means  we speak with them. 

Being in right relationship with plants means we listen: to their wisdom, their medicine . . .

. . . And we support them, too. 

“I have been blessed to know Erin as both a co-educator and student of herbalism.  Her loving heart provides a guide for a deeper connection to our green world.  She is an articulate writer/author, a masterful teacher and a healing force in the world.    She has the perfect blend of science and ancestral roots to bring balance to our chaotic world through the wisdom of the plants.”

By Lora Krall, RN, BSN, BA Master Herbalist

Review Team Member, Science and Art of Herbalism by Rosemary Gladstar

This workshop practical learning experience will support you to:


Embrace your green witch essence


Connect with plants to inform your herbal wisdom


Connect to the plant medicine at your fingertips


Create intimate relationships with plants and yourself


Trust your instinctual wisdom


Stand in the center of who you truly are – connected with plants

hands on herbs

Topics of the lessons include:


Things to consider before starting a garden


Creating a garden


Various garden methods


Soil preparation


Listening to the land


Creating Plant Profiles 


Herstory of the Witch


Creating Potions


Connecting with Nature’s Cycles 




Extending the Garden Season


Trees used in herbal medicine


Harvesting Herbs


Starting Seedlings for the Garden


and more!

Embody the Green Witch Workshop

The Way is Open

We don’t have to do more or be more in order to be on this herbal pathway. 

We are enough

Right here and now

What we need is to enjoy and explore

And let it unfold.

No wrong way.

Plant connection is yours,

And ours,

And theirs.

There is enough for you,

And them,

And all. 

Plant connection is real.  

What’s Included

  • Green Witch Gardening ecourse – instant access to lessons for Spring, Summer, and Autumn to add magic to your garden or add a garden to your spiritual practice. (more details below)
  • 2 NEW lessons – Erin will create two new lessons to share during the dark moon gatherings about herb gardening.
  • 6 Dark Moon Gatherings – We’ll gather virtually near the dark moon for one or more of these activities: a lesson, Q&A, sharing, etc. Participants can support each other in our green witch efforts of growing, harvesting, potions, and more. Erin will share resources, tips, and other lessons in the spur of the moment.
  • Bi-weekly BlossomsLike a little blossom popping open to reveal a dash of color, a creative pattern, or enchanting scent – the biweekly blossoms will add a dash of inspiration, creative spark, or sprinkle of enchantment to guide you on the herbal pathway.  Examples of these blossoms include recorded video lessons, meditation, guide sheets, rituals, etc. 
  • Replays – all live lessons and gatherings will be recorded
  • Convenient Access – to a workshop website (and app) that organizes all the lessons and resources in one convenient place
  • Email reminders – for live virtual gatherings and when new resources are added to the workshop site
  • Email notifications – when new resources drop into your workshop site
  • Ongoing Access – this means as long as Full Circle Herbals is in business, has access to the virtual technology, then the participants can continue to access the workshop information. There isn’t a deadline set for when the virtualcontent goes away.

Description of the Green Witch Gardening ecourse:

Spring lessons

  • Things to consider before digging – setting intentions for the garden; selecting garden location best practices; creating sacred space in the garden
  • Creating a Garden – garden methods; soil assessment needs; preparing the ground for planting; listening to the land meditation
  • Step for Planting the Garden – Decision factors for direct seeding or buying/growing transplants; Best practices for planting day(s); Seed blessing

Summer lessons

  • Ways to Increase ProductivityHelp your plants stand proud reaching for the sun with techniques such as pruning, staking, trellising which will in turn help you create sacred space in the garden
  • Connecting with Nature’s Cycles – Learn how to use the cycles of the moon for the benefits of the garden
  • When things destroy your garden – Gardens don’t need to be perfect in order to provide magical herbs and scrumptious food.  Learn how to determine when a critter becomes a pest and how to deter them from your garden. 
  • Edible Weeds & Herbal Ways – learn how to see some of the weeds growing in your garden as useful;  herbal uses of raspberry leaf, dill, and chamomile

Fall Lessons

  • Extending the Season – benefits of using cover crops
  • Giving Thanks and Celebrating the Season – Put the garden to rest with a Fall Garden Ritual, meditation, and relection activity

Herbal Ways

  • Harvesting & Drying Herbs – Learn tips on how to harvest herbs and preserve them through drying. Specific herbs mentioned: raspberry leaf, catnip, elecampagne root, red clover, comfrey leaf, valerian root, calendula flowers, lavender.
  • 2 Trees and a shrub used for herbal remedies  – Barberry, black walnut, white willow
  • 3 Flowers used for herbal remedies – monarda, feverfew, marigold
  • Making Magic with Herbal Tisanes– learn ways to use herbal tisanes (tea) for magic and wellness purposes. 

Your Investment

Your price is $497<br />
the workshop is valued at $1,377

“Erin is amazing I truly enjoy getting to talk with her during a lesson, and she is always checking in to see how your doing with your research on herbs.

She has also taught me different ways to use herbs such as tinctures, oils, salves, teas and some of the benefits they all have to offer. I would recommend this class to any who is just starting out like I am, to someone who has a some knowledge of herbs already. Honestly you can never stop learning there’s always more out there to know about herbs.”

Jessica G.

2020 participant in the Mentorship Program

2023 Schedule

Schedule for the Dark Moon Gatherings 

March 23 | 7pm CDT ~ Sacred Seed Starting

April 20 | 7pm CDT

May 18 | 7pm CDT

June 15 | 7pm CDT ~ Creating Mysterious and Curious Potions

July 17 | 7pm CDT

August 17 | 7pm CDT


Bi-weekly Blossoms

March 30

April 13, 27

May 11, 25

June 8, 22

July 6, 20

August 10, 24

September 7


“By listening to Erin’s journey, I’ve discovered (through much thought and discernment) what I want my herbal practice to look like for ME. At this point in my life I am an herbalist for my family, friends and most importantly for me… it brings me joy, aligns me with nature, is part of my witchcraft practice and I do it because I love doing it… right now that’s huge! I can be a bit of an apothecary horder and learning to utilize more efficiently what I’ve processed will be a welcome learning journey!

Erin is an herbal ally, an advocate, a cheerleader, a teacher, an example of how we can all accomplish our herbal dreams. I cannot sing her praises loudly enough!”

Jennifer Mills

Taught by someone who:

Erin in a field with herbs

Embraces diversity of thought, expression, and ways of knowing

Values learning at each person’s own pace

Strives to learn and use all ways of knowing 

Considers plants as Beings

Values open communication about culturally considerate lessons

Actively seeks to uproot oppressive colonized mindset in herbal ways


Hi, I’m Erin LAFaive, Herbalist and Plant Priestess

Since my days of gardening as a child, I’ve always been captivated by plants. They soothed me in times of trouble and were always there for me. It’s as if I could sense their encouragement.

The hidden knowledge and versatility of plant life is astounding. Early in my life I began my self-studies in herbalism – and like you, I was passionate about the topic, but overwhelmed with the information and a bit lost (and lonely) about how to continue. 

I want to share with you how I overcame overwhelm and embraced with all my being the plant world so that you don’t have to feel lost, lonely, and overwhelmed with learning the science and spirit of herbs. 

Embody the Green Witch Workshop

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