Herbal Advice

Herbal advice for your health goals. Offering herbal health consultations that provide herbal remedy advice for your your individual and family needs.

herbal advice
herbal advice
  • What aspect of your health could benefit from herbal remedies?
  • Are you interested in adding medicinal herbs to your health care plan?
  • Do you need more connection with nature and plants?

Consider Full Circle Herbals, LLC to assist you in your journey.
I love to share my knowledge and experiences about medicinal plants, their healing properties, and all of their potential.

Whether you are looking for a one or two herbs that help with a particular health goals or looking for herbal advice on a complex health issue, Erin LaFaive, Master Herbalist is here to help. Choose an herbal consultation package that’s right for you needs and budget.

Want an herb garden tailored to your health and family needs? I can assist with a simple site assessment all the way to design and installation.

I hold herbal remedy making workshops, presentations, and medicinal herb identification walks.

Plants are helpers.
They are healing.
They need to be part of our lives . . .

. . . In fact, they already are with the food we eat, to the spices we cook with, to the tea we drink. Plants inspire formulations for modern medications. Humans have evolved with plants.  For 1000s of years we have used plants as medicines. I’m dedicated to carrying on the knowledge of the plant world. Please join me.

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