Plant Priestess Exploration

with Erin LaFaive

Reawaken sacred plant spirit medicine by learning about being a Plant Priestess

Starts May 9 |10am CST | Free!

Reawaken sacred plant spirit medicine by learning about being a Plant Priestess

Do you love herbalism, nature spirituality, and feel a relationship with the green world?

Do you want a relationship with that world?

Join us for the Plant Priestess Exploration! FREE May 9 at 10am CST.

Connect with the natural world, become an intermediary for the plant world, and feel the magic of the plant world in your life. 


The Plant Priestess Exploration is designed for you to:

  • learn about the 4 cornerstones of the Plant Priestess path
  • explore ways to incorporate the Plant Priestess path into your life

Potential benefits of these lessons:

  • Learn ways to embrace your herbalism dreams
  • Infuse new ways of seeing the plant world 
  • embrace the intuitive feelings you sense in nature

Starts in:








What if there were plant priestesses? 

Plant Priestess, bringing the sacredness of plants back to humans.

Reviving, re-learning, re-aligning to the sacred language of plants.

There is one. A forgotten relationship.

It hasn’t been gone very long . . . in comparison to how long humans have been on the Earth. More time has existed with plants and humans communicating than not. Remember that. It may feel like a long forgotten relationship, inter-connectedness.

It’s the disconnection that feels sooooo deep. Deeply felt emotions often get in the way of solutions especially the painful emotions. The solution is to remember. Connect. Rekindle the relationship. The seed will grow quickly.   

What if we had Plant Priestesses looking at the world and human interaction in a different perspective – the plant perspective?

Hi, I’m Erin LaFaive,
Herbalist and Plant Priestess

 I’ve been where you are today – and you don’t be alone as a “weird” plant person!

Since my days of gardening as a child in Wisconsin, I’ve always been captivated by plants. They soothed me in times of trouble. They were always there for me. It’s as if I could sense thier encouragement.

The hidden knowledge and versatility of plant life is astounding. During my teen years, I began my self-studies in herbalism – and like you, I was passionate about the topic, but overwhelmed with the information and a bit lost (and lonely) about how to continue.

I formalized my herbalism training with Gigi Stafne of Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine. I also earned a bachelor degree in Geography with an emphasis in Natural Resources Management and then on to earn a master degree in Environmental Studies.

I’ve worked in three greenhouses learning to cultivate and care for herbs, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. Also, I’ve taught 1000s of people of all ages about herbalism, horticulture, and environmental subjects for well over 10 years.

What others say about the exploration

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