Plant Spirit Gathering

September 14-16, 2018, Augusta Wisconsin
Learning herbalism hands-on while playing with herbs, living in the magical woods for three days drinking herbal tea, communing with plants, and building community with other plant lovers.

Registration deadline: August 24, 2018

Hosted by Full Circle Herbals, River Prairie Apothecary, and Wise Water Botanicals

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Whether you are new to learning herbalism or practicing a long time, this gathering is for you.

Play with herbs while living in the magical woods for three days drinking herbal tea, communing with plants, and meeting with other plant lovers.

registration deadline August 24, 2018








Topics and activities planned for the Plant Spirit Gathering

Herbal remedy making: lots of hands-on experience with workshops and make-and-take stations

Plant identification: plant walks in the wooded area around Stargazen Retreat Center and in their herbal gardens

Materia medica: plenty of time available to new herbal materia medica profiles or gathering information to add to existing ones 

Skill sharing time: We’ll set aside time for participants to share skills with each other (examples: yoga, weaving, dancing, and others)

Campfire time: Bring your drums, flutes, fun witchy/hippy clothes, songs, stories for time around the campfire

Altar making: We’ll make a communal altar on the first day of the Gathering with items brought by participants

Green Blessing Ceremony: Declare your commitment for the plants and medicinal herbs through a Green Blessing Ceremony.  

Lodging options include: Stargazen Women’s Retreat is the location of the Gathering. It’s in Augusta, Wisconsin with options for a solo dwelling (think tiny house, so cute!), shared dwelling, and camping area. Dwellings have beds, sofas, futon, and one has a hammock! Check out Stargazen website and Facebook page for more pictures. 

Accommodations are semi-rustic with electricity and purified drinking water, showers, and porta-potty.  Stargazen Retreat has beautiful gardens. 

Food: One meal is provided each day. Friday and Saturday is the evening meal and lunch on Sunday. Participants are responsible for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Some of the dwellings have mini refrigerators and food preparation areas. Camp sites have access to fire rings, outdoor kitchen with sink, preparation area, and water.

Schedule (subect to change as needed)

🌿Friday- September 14, 2018
Opening Ceremony – Lisa
Lunch 12-1pm – on your own
🔸Early Afternoon 1-2:30
Herbal Facials – Amy
Medicinal Trees and Shrubs plant walk – Erin
🔸Late Afternoon 3-5pm
Cordials and Elixirs – Julie
DIY Self-Care Nurturing Salve – Kerri
Materia Medica Writing on your own or at specific location TBD
Supper 5pm – provided
Free flow time – pop up sessions, talking circles, music making around the fire, etc.

🌿 September 15, 2018 -Saturday

🔸Morning Circle 9-10am
Participant activity: Show & Tell, Share & Sell
🔸Morning 10-noon
An Earthing Invitation Meditation/Plant communication – Amy
How to Learn Herbalism – Erin
🔸Lunch 12-1pm – on your own
Early Afternoon 1-2:30
DIY Tincture Blending – Kerri
Flower Essences – Julie
🔸Late Afternoon 3-5pm
Herbal Facials – Amy
Growing herbs for home use – Erin
Materia Medica Writing on your own or at specific location TBD
Supper 5pm – provided
Free flow time – pop up sessions, talking circles, music making around the fire, etc.

🌿 September 16, 2018 -Sunday

🔸Morning 10-Noon
Plant walk – Medicinal Trees and Shrubs – Erin
DIY Infused Oil, Poultice & First Aid Herbs – Kerri
Lunch 12-1pm provided
🔸Early Afternoon 1-2:30
Nutritional Density – Julie
Creating Herbal Blends for Energy Clearing and Creating Sacred Space – Amy
🔸2:45pm Closing ceremony

🌿Tentative schedule As of 7/24/2018

Descriptions of Workshops, Presentations, Ceremonies, and Other Activities

Many of the activities will be repeated two times to ensure everyone has a chance to participate. We will have sign-up sheets to keep group sizes small allowing for more interaction from presenters and participants.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies (Lisa)
The opening ceremony will set the space for the Gathering. We want to create a community of people working in a calm, supportive, and sacred space as we reconnect to Plant Spirit Medicine and explore other energy healing modalities.
The closing ceremony will help ground the energy we created and help us adjust to merging back into daily life.

Creating Herbal Blends for Energy Clearing and Creating Sacred Space (Amy Shea)
This workshop will be a hands on make n’ take that looks alternatives to white sage and palo santo for energy clearing and creating sacred spaces for ritual. We will talk a bit about the physical medicinal benefits of smudges and burning blends. Each student will have the chance to blend their own sacred space blend using a combination of resins, along with local and not so local herbs which they can later use in a variety of ways to clear negative energy, stir stagnant energy and create sacred space.

An Earthing Invitation (Amy Shea)
Please join me as we spend some time in the forest. We will have a light discussion about connecting with the spirits of the plants before spending sometime connecting in whatever way we feel most inline with. Bring your journal, sketchpad, prayers, chants, mantras and songs as we branch off and find the plant that calls to us. As we come back together to conclude, you will have an open invitation to share anything regarding your experience with the plant you connected with that you choose, if you choose.

Herbal Facials (Amy Shea)
We’ll talk about herbs great for the skin and then we will give ourselves a facial, potentially including the creation of an herbal steam, herbal scrub, and mud mask. We’ll smear ourselves in honey and throw ourselves to the bees! (kidding).

Medicinal Trees and Shrubs Walk (Erin LaFaive)
Learn about the medicinal properties and folklore of trees and shrubs. Take time to connect with trees and shrubs during this plant walk as Erin LaFaive teaches how to identify trees for all seasons. She’ll also discuss ways to “read” tree health and how that relates to harvesting activities.

How to Learn Herbalism (Erin LaFaive)
Are you looking to get more organized with your herbal studies? Are you just starting out and overwhelmed on where to begin? Erin can help! Using the Learning Herbalism Workbook and lessons she designed for the How to Learn Herbalism ecourse you’ll learn practical steps to increase easy and joy with the learning process.


DIY Infused Oil, Poultice & First Aid Herbs (Kerri Kiernan)

Learn how to use and create a healing oil with wild and cultivated medicinal plants in both dry and fresh forms. Each participant will leave class with an oil infusion and first aid herbal powder.

DIY Self-Care Nurturing Salve  (Kerri Kiernan)
Salve making isn’t just for first aid, it’s also for deeper healing and self-care. Herbs lend not only their physical qualities and medicinal constituents to us; they also support and nurture emotions, feelings of well-being and create deeper spiritual connections. Join us to learn more about how Rose, Elder and Sweet-grass can encourage self-care as an enjoyable and meaningful way to nurture yourself.

DIY Tincture Blending  (Kerri Kiernan)
Learn the art of tincture blending; What types of herbs go well together? What are some traditional herbal formulas used as supportive tinctures? We will specifically focus on seasonally appropriate herbs for fall/early winter so that you will be equipped to stay healthy through the changing seasons. All participants will create their own personalized tincture.

Flower Essences (Julie)
Flower Essences have been called the vibrational medicine for the ‘heart and soul’. Working without chemistry, the energy gathered from a flower is used to facilitate emotional balance. You will learn what flower essences are, who would benefit, where and when to use them, how to choose the appropriate one and how to make and create your own powerful blends.

Nutritional Density (Julie)

Nutritional density is all about the nutritional quality of foods. Many of today’s ‘foods’ are high sugar, high salt, high bad fat with very low nutritional quality. We will uncover the ‘hidden’ nutritional qualities of herbs, share ideas and techniques to increase nutritional density and show you how you make your time honored family favorites naturally nutritionally superior without sacrificing taste or texture.

Cordials and Elixirs (Julie)

The saying goes,” A teaspoon of sugar makes the medicine go down”, but it doesn’t have to be sugar. We will explore an old but popular method of preserving herbal constituents with something sweet to improve digestion, fend off the flu and tonify our bodies. This demonstration will provide many recipes you can make for family and friends.



You'll leave the Gathering with:

Your very own herbal remedy kit
A welcome gift
Learning Herbalism Workbook by Erin LaFaive
Certificate of completion
Worksheets and handouts for future reference
New friendships!

Planners & Presenters

Erin LaFaive has experience connecting with plants from her experience with gardening, working in three greenhouses, internships at arboretums, cultural healing centers, conducting research as an undergraduate and graduate student. Including 9 years teaching all ages and knowledge backgrounds as a horticulture educator with University of WI – Extension. Erin LaFaive

Master Herbalist, Plant Priestess, Full Circle Herbals LLC

Kerri Kiernan is a Master Herbalist and owner of River Prairie Apothecary which is a small business focusing on using natural remedies for self-care. Kerri grows her own herbs as well as uses medicinal plants from the wild to make her own remedies and products which she uses with her clients. Kerri loves to teach and share her plant knowledge with others in her community; she is passionate about inspiring others to care more deeply for themselves, for others and for all living things. Kerri Kiernan

Master Herbalist, River Priaire Apothecary

Master Herbalist Amy Shea is the owner of Wise Waters Botanicals. Her passion for herbalism was sparked 16 years ago when she began her journey as an apprentice to Jessie Conaway. She graduated from Green Wisdom School of Botanical and Natural Medicine in 2015. Her teaching experience includes serving as a contracted instructor for Green Wisdom post graduation, as the Materia Medica Instructor for the Master Herbalism Program as well as beginner level classes and intermediate level classes and teaching sessions. Amy has a wide variety of interests within the realms of herbalism; and those interests continue to grow and expand, refine and evolve: herbal materia medica, medieval herb lore, herbal support for chronic illnesses and cancer, ethical and sustainable wildcrafting, and plants as a part of spiritual practice. Amy Shea

Master Herbalist, Wise Water Botanicals

Lisa Wright is a natural born psychic, medium and empath. Later in life through trial and tribulations she found herself on a spiritual journey whose path would lead her the sacred medicine of a Shaman and Sacred Clown. In Lakota healers gifted this medicine are called Heyoka and in Tibetan Buddhism its referred to as Crazy Wisdom. She often speaks about the non conventional and sometimes controversial topic of being a modern Shaman and healer. She helps other’s unwrap and nurture those who know they have abilities or gifts but are not sure what to do with them. She has a private practice and consults on everything from Paranormal investigating to Shamanic based healing sessions. Lisa Wright



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