plant priestess exploration Workshop

Live the Life of Deep
Connection with Nature

Soothe your Spirit and Body with Herbal Remedies

This free workshop is for you if you want to:



Support your health my making and using herbal remedies.


Feel spiritually connected to nature and plants.


Develop your intuition to assist with decision making.


Meet people who have common interests in plants, witchiness and nature connection.


Learn more about the Plant Priestess path.

Erin La Faive Plant Priestess in a forest, holding an arm full of herbs

How is this workshop delivered?

Live VIDEO lessons by Erin LaFaive in a Facebook group (link provided after registration)

30-minute LIVE video lessons at 11am CST.

REPLAYS available for a limited time.

all of this free for you!



Four LIVE lessons


Five BONUS lessons!


Free “Priestess Pages Workbook” (pdf) – printable and downloadable


Recap notes via email AND Facebook posts


Reminders via email, Facebook events, and/or Facebook messenger


Simple activities to try at home


Access to the free Facebook group


Video replays available for nine days

Examples of priestess pages
herbs in a set of pestle and mortar

what you will learn:



Four ways to prepare herbal remedies


10 herbs used for medicinal and spiritual use


Ways to infuse Plant Priestess path into your life


Tools to develop intuition

learn more about herbs and connect with
like-minded people!


plant priestesses are bringing the sacred connection with plants back to humans.


We are guarding plant communities for the good of humanity and good of the natural systems of the world.

We are advocating for the plants because they are medicine – heart, soul, mind, spirit, and body.

Will you join us?

Erin La Faive sitting on the forest floor with bowls of herbs
Erin La Faive portrait

hi, i’m erin lafaive, herbalist and plant priestess


I’ve been where you are today – and you don’t  have to be alone as a “weird” plant person!

Since my days of gardening as a child, I’ve always been captivated by plants. They soothed me in times of trouble and were always there for me. It’s as if I could sense their encouragement.

The hidden knowledge and versatility of plant life is astounding. Early in my life I began my self-studies in herbalism – and like you, I was passionate about the topic, but overwhelmed with the information and a bit lost (and lonely) about how to continue. 

I want to share with you how I overcame overwhelm and embraced with all my being the plant world so that you don’t have to feel lost, lonely, and overwhelmed in with learning the science and spirit of herbs. 

More About Erin LaFaive

I formalized my herbalism training with Gigi Stafne of Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine. I also earned a bachelor degree in Geography with an emphasis in Natural Resources Management and then on to earn a master degree in Environmental Studies.

I’ve worked in three greenhouses learning to cultivate and care for herbs, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. Also, I’ve taught thousands of people of all ages about herbalism, horticulture, and environmental subjects for well over 10 years.

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