Learning Herbalism Toolkit

with Erin LaFaive

Tools and knowledge to help you learn herbalism with ease.

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but are frustrated or overwhelmed – THIS is for you!

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Learning Herbalism Toolkit

valued $269 USD,
Today’s Price $149 USD

1) 5 Modules with many lessons from the ecourse “How to Learn Herbalism”. (value $149)

2) Learning Herbalism Workbook  digital version. (value $10

  • The digital worksheets are fillable and downloadable.

3) FREE access to 4 webinar lessons including: (value $100)

  • “Medicinal Trees and Shrubs” 
  • “Gardening by the Moon Phases”
  • “Plant Identification” October 2018
  • “Harvesting and Drying Herbs” Fall 2018


Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Getting Started with Plants

This is starting the philosophy of the course: Learn. Experience. Share. In Module 1, you’re going to pick the plant you’ll be focusing on for the four modules to have a full and deep knowledge about it.

You’ll learn:

  • What exactly is Plant Spirit Medicine (this is going much deeper than what most people define as ‘herbalism’) and how to start incorporating it into your life
  • The foundation for all plant-based learning (hint: the work you’ll do with this one plant you can duplicate over and over for all your learning!)
  • How to track your learning progress so you are in no danger of getting stuck (or losing momentum)
  • And more!

Module 2: Herbal Actions and Herbal Indications

You want to know how and when to use a plant? – especially to help with a specific condition or ailment – this is what you need!

You’ll discover:

  • The difference between herbal actions and herbal indications
  • How to think about plants and herbal actions as it relates to your specific health goals
  • A proven method for learning herbalism– and a framework for doing it over and over with all plants
  • And more

Module 3: Putting Herbal Knowledge into Action

Your learning is not just for the memorization or the academic pursuit of plant knowledge – you want to use herbalism in your daily life to have deeper connection to plants and to your own health.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use plants in recipes with a focus on your own health goals
  • How to organize which plant recipes you want to try – and track the results of your efforts
  • The best ways to deepen your knowledge of plants – especially when remedies don’t turn out as expected (or taste so bitter you want to spit them out!)
  • And more

Module 4: Experience Plant Spirit Medicine

Much of herbalism happens on the intuitive level. You’ll want to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and the whole plant world – and it can be fun!

You’ll experience:

  • How to move beyond just using plants in recipes – and getting a deeper value from them
  • 15 suggestions for fun ways to interact with plants so you’re deepening your knowledge and relationship
  • Proven tips to maximize your learning – that can be applied to any plant!
  • And more!

Module 5: Mindset, goal setting, and exploring your story

Goal setting and mindset awareness help with the learning herbalism journey by bringing clarity and alignment to the process .

You’ll experience:

  • Exploring your life path  that led up to your learning herbalism and how that affects you today.
  • Goal setting strategies  that match an herbalism focus
Hi Erin- just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this course! I have purchased a couple of the books you recommended and, along with the materials from this course, I have some tools to become a PSM goddess! Thank you!
Cindy McElroy

You're being called to study herbs and plants,

but you’re overwhelmed
You’re not sure where to start, what sources to trust, or how to honor

this calling without spending countless hours figuring it all out yourself.

Or maybe you’ve started your studies but now you’re feeling

lonely and are losing momentum…

You don’t have to do this alone!

The study of herbalism is a sacred calling.

And you don’t have to struggle to gain your knowledge – there’s an easier way.

I’m Erin LaFaive, Master Herbalist.

 I’ve been where you are today – and you don’t have to study alone! (Or be overwhelmed any longer!)

Since my days of gardening as a child in Wisconsin, I’ve always been captivated by plants. The hidden knowledge and versatility of plant life is astounding. During my teen years, I began my self-studies in herbalism – and like you, I was passionate about the topic, but overwhelmed with the information and a bit lost (and lonely) about how to continue.

But in 2015, I started my formal training with Gigi Stafne of Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine.

But even with that training, I spent years struggling with the vast amount of the plant knowledge and keeping it all organized.

Now, you have access to my system to learn about plants AND increase the speed and efficiency of learning and utilizing herbal knowledge.

As a Master Herbalist, my passion is using my knowledge of herbs to help others.

When you reconnect to plants, you reconnect to yourself. And I want you to be able to enjoy everything herbs have to offer – including that reconnection, better health, and finally being able to answer your calling easily.

My hope is I can gift you a new process, understanding, and self-confidence with your herbal learning path.

I took Erin’s online plant spirit medicine class. It was easy to follow for someone who is new to herbs and very informative. Erin made learning about herbs easy and fun. I loved the easy-to-use forms and as an Aromatherapist I want to use the forms in my work. I would highly recommend taking Erin’s classes and personally look forward to more
Bethany Williamson

Imagine . . .

Knowing how to better integrate plants and herbs into your life – for better health, medicinal purposes, and making your own herbal remedies
Having a trusted guide on your journey of herbalism so you’re supported – and no longer alone.
Building your knowledge – including plant identification skills – in an organized way so you retain what you’re learning
Allowing your herbal interest to unfold and take root and surrendering to the inner call to learn more about medical uses of plants
“Hi Erin, thank you so much for putting together this course! I’ve always appreciated plants, and you have helped me to go deeper into my understanding of their true beauty. I’m excited to use the tools and advice you’ve shared in this course, as I continue to build my knowledge of plant spirit medicine! ”
Nancy Hagen

You’re going to learn practical, hands-on techniques to learn any plant – and have a map to continue your learning so you never feel overwhelmed again. 

Wondering how we’ll cover all this?

Great question!

The How to Learn Herbalism eCourse pre-recorded version includes:

4 recorded videos – so you can learn at your own pace (and re-watch them as much as you need). One video will be released each week so you’re not overwhelmed!
Activities with each module  – with worksheets and templates – so you’re building your knowledge base (these can be used over and over for any plant you want to study!)
PDF handouts that go with each video
Access to the private Facebook group “How to Learn Herbalism” for support along your journey
Personal email access to me for your questions PLUS I’ll answer your questions in the Facebook group.
AND I’ll introduce you to at least 20 plants

Everything is step-by-step in an easy and organized learning process… 

… so you can see your own progress throughout the course and beyond. (And if you’ve already started learning but lost momentum, this will get you back into motion!)

And you’re protected by my 7-Day Money Back Guarantee:

Go through the videos and complete the exercises and worksheets. If you don’t feel like you’re gaining a deeper understanding of Plant Spirit Medicine, after doing the exercises I’ll refund your investment in full.

Now are you ready?

Ready to enhance your learning of Plant Spirit Medicine with an experience guide and as a member of a like-minded community?


Yes, Erin, I’m ready to dive deeper into Plant Spirit Medicine!


I understand that for my investment of $149.95 I receive:

  • 4 recorded videos
  • 9 activities  
  • 13 worksheets you can use over and over
  • Access to the private Facebook group 
  • Email access to me for your questions
  • Introduction to at least 40 plants

And I’m protected by the 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Do you want more 1-on-1 time with me?

For an upgrade of just  $299 total I’ll set aside 1 – 30 minute call and 2 – 15 minutes calls with you!
We can meet by phone or provide a online link for us to video conference.

 (And you get everything else listed above!)

Are you ready?
Or do you still have a few questions?

Below, I’ve included a few of the questions I hear most frequently, and their answers, to help you decide if this program is a good match for you.


Q. How much experience do I need to have?


A. You don’t have to have any! This course is perfect if you’re just starting to learn about herbalism or you’ve been on the journey for years and want to find a new way to organize and learn information.


Q. What supplies do I need to take this eCourse?


A. Don’t worry! You don’t need to have a kitchen full of exotic plants or spend hundreds of dollars on fancy equipment. I’ll walk you through a few basic things you need (and you can borrow books from your local library). I won’t ask you to invest hundreds of dollars on additional supplies!


Q. How much time will it take to complete the course?


A. This is an at-your-own-pace course so you can study in the time that works for you. But you should set aside 2 hours for each module which includes time to complete your activities and worksheets so you really gain the knowledge. Remember, you have access to the materials for a full year – if you get busy or if you want to refresh your learning.


 Q. I already paid for the How to Learn Herbalism eCourse once before. Do I have to pay again?

A. You do not have to pay to access the LIVE lessons or 4 free webinars. You will have to pay for the workbook if you want that. One on-line purchase option is on Amazon.


 Q. I purchased the Learning Herbalsim Workbook. Does that mean I get the ecourse and webinars too?

A. No, you’ll need to purchase the Learning Herbalism Toolkit. 


 Q. I’m a member of the Plant Priestess Circle. Do I need to pay for the Toolkit too?

A. If you are in the Correspondence level – no, you do not have to purchase the Toolkit to get access to the ecourse and webinars. You will have to purchase the workbook if you want it. 

 A. If you are a Explorer level member – yes, you will need to purchase the Toolkit  to get access to the ecourse and webinars (see the message in the Plant Priestess Circle Facebook group for the discount link. You will have to purchase the workbook if you want it too. 

Erin LaFaive’s Plant Spirit Medicine course is a refreshing change from many other herbalism courses I’ve taken. Her love of plant medicine and gentle encouragement to students is wonderful. The printouts and resources she offers are excellent in keeping my herbal studies organized. What I love most about this course is that it gets into more than just the scientific information of plants. Respecting nature, getting to know the plants you’re working with, learning to become aware of, and honoring, the energy and essence of the plants…this is an important part of Plant Spirit Medicine, and Erin encourages it in each lesson. I will definitely be taking more courses from Erin in the future!

Learning more about Plant Spirit Medicine is a worthy calling – and I want to help you learn easily and quickly – with a proven system that simplifies your knowledge and keep it organized.

I can’t wait to help you on this path!

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