Herbal Beginnings

Herbal Beginnings

Restore the Roots of Your Plant Magic with 2 Powerful Steps

Free, Live, Online Journey
Dec. 9th-10th

do you feel a Connection With Plants You Can’t Ignore?

The strong pull towards herbs and their spirit is with you when you brew a cup of tea,
sip its nourishing elixir,
and taste the sweetness of the plant essence.

A part of you yearns to submerge your hands in soft soil and connect to the wildness that vibrates and hums deep beneath the surface.

You sense a world of wisdom lives firmly rooted in the dark depths of the earth, woven into the pulse of life.

You sense a quickening—an anticipation—of the potential to know the plant magic so it will take root in your life and bloom with gifts for your wellness.

It May Feel Challenging to Connect With this Part of Who You Are . . .

. . . but it’s imperative to learning the ancient herbal ways

After all, this inner knowing has been suppressed by the dominant culture for centuries. There have even been times it has been unsafe for us, as plants people—and especially women—to learn herbal wisdom and magic.

In spite of this, you sense the spirit of plants is alive and part of an interdependent network … and that if you just reverently access this taproot of wisdom, then you could amplify your herbal learning and remedy making success.

. . . If this feels familiar, you are in the right place.

women under tree looking at camera, touching roots

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This is the Herbal Beginning You Never Had . . .

. . . But always Wanted

When you join this powerful, free two-part event, you will deepen your roots so you can create the herbal experience you desire making remedies, growing herbs, and acquiring knowledge with ease.

And as you do, you will begin to unearth your unique Essence – the herbal healer lineage – that you hold within your blood: the one that has been dampened for so long.


Receive 2 sessions of Herbal Wisdom &

Restore Your Plant Magic

During Herbal Beginnings, we will gather together, live, online so you can start to restore the roots of your plant magic by exploring two key blocks that get in the way of connecting to this part of you.

This includes looking at how the dominant cultures we live in—patriarchy, colonialism, and the religious oppression—have unrooted you from your intuitive plant wisdom.

On part two, we will unearth ways to restore plant wisdom and begin to weave back inherent herbal knowledge in your daily life.

You Will Receive:


Two 60 minute LIVE lessons on Zoom


30 minute Q&A after each lesson


Replays (available for 7 days)


Access to a private Facebook group

hands on herbs


6pm, CST

Discover 2 blocks that get in the way
of you connecting to your roots


6pm, CST

Discover 2 solutions to restore your
inherent plant wisdom ways

Return to Your Instinctual Herbal Knowledge, Wisdom, and Connection

When you restore the roots of your plant magic—your instinctual, ancestral knowing—and begin to reconnect with this inner wisdom, every part of your life is impacted … physically, spiritually, economically, and professionally.

As you return to co-creating a “right relationship” with plants, you will sink into a grounded, inner knowing that you are now safe, this lifetime, to explore this mutual bond … one that you seed, harvest, and unearth with loving hands.

During Herbal Beginnings, you will


Discover 2 main blocks that get in the way of your herbal learning success


Explore how dominant paradigms—like patriarchy, colonialism, and religious oppression—have disenfranchised you from your intuitive plant wisdom


Learn how to uproot the decaying dominant paradigms that prevent you from connecting to your instinctual, ancestral knowing about plant wisdom


Reclaim 2 powerful ways to feel your way back to the roots of your plant magic


Be invited to go deeper reclaiming your herbal roots

hands touching the roots of plants

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women in woods sitting, looking at her herbs

It is the Right Time for Herbal Beginnings

if YoU . . .


Resonate with the words: witch, priestess, and/or goddess


Feel connected to the spirit of plants


You desire to connect more with the herbal ways, but haven’t fully yet, because it feels like something is missing


Yearn to be embraced in a secure, held, and safe space while expressing your innate love of plants/herbs


Are willing to examine how patriarchy, capitalism, colonization, and religious oppression have shaped the old herbal ways—and thus unrooting your true connection to plants

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Hi, I’m Erin LAFaive, Herbalist and Plant Priestess

Since my days of gardening as a child, I’ve always been captivated by plants. They soothed me in times of trouble and were always there for me. It’s as if I could sense their encouragement.

The hidden knowledge and versatility of plant life is astounding. Early in my life I began my self-studies in herbalism – and like you, I was passionate about the topic, but overwhelmed with the information and a bit lost (and lonely) about how to continue. 

I want to share with you how I overcame overwhelm and embraced with all my being the plant world so that you don’t have to feel lost, lonely, and overwhelmed with learning the science and spirit of herbs. 

“By listening to Erin’s journey, I’ve discovered (through much thought and discernment) what I want my herbal practice to look like for ME. At this point in my life I am an herbalist for my family, friends and most importantly for me… it brings me joy, aligns me with nature, is part of my witchcraft practice and I do it because I love doing it… right now that’s huge! I can be a bit of an apothecary horder and learning to utilize more efficiently what I’ve processed will be a welcome learning journey!

Erin is an herbal ally, an advocate, a cheerleader, a teacher, an example of how we can all accomplish our herbal dreams. I cannot sing her praises loudly enough!”

Jennifer Mills

“Erin is amazing I truly enjoy getting to talk with her during a lesson, and she is always checking in to see how your doing with your research on herbs.

She has also taught me different ways to use herbs such as tinctures, oils, salves, teas and some of the benefits they all have to offer. I would recommend this class to any who is just starting out like I am, to someone who has a some knowledge of herbs already. Honestly you can never stop learning there’s always more out there to know about herbs.”

Jessica G.

2020 participant in the Mentorship Program

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