Herbal Apprenticeship ~ with Erin LaFaive

Accelerate your herbal-centered goals with personalized one-to-one guidance from an herbalist and Plant Priestess.  

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Imagine opening a cupboard in your home …

and greeted with the aroma of herbs such as
sweet chamomile, earthy burdock, and spicy cinnamon to name a few

You see rows of jars containing herbs you gathered in the wild or grew yourself; homemade tinctures lined up, labeled, and ready for a moment’s notice. You feel prepared, hopeful, and content with your herbal remedy supplies.

Do you have a goal of learning about herbs or using them in your wellness routine to soothe common ailments with confidence? 
Do you want to reduce the frustration and overwhelm felt as you spend countless hours figuring it all out yourself? 

Perhaps you’re looking to start an herbal business or add a component of it to your business. 

Or, looking for that right person to help you incorprate nature-centured spirituality into your life. 

If you said “yes” to one or more of these, you are in the right place!

“Here are some situations people have asked for support with:

  • “I want to make an herbal home apothecary but I don’t know where to start. I’m all over the place.”
  • I feel so connected to the plant world, but what can I do to learn the herbal remedies and be more aligned with the natural world around me.”
  • “Which herbs can help me with my particular health situation?”
  • “How do I start an herbal business?”
  • “Get me out of this broom closet! I want to live a meaningful life and feel like a green witch!”
plant priestess workshop

wouldn’t it be helpful to …

… have an herbalist with years of experience in your back pocket? Having an educated herbalist at your fingertips, dedicated to your needs along the way?

This would help you:

Remove the guesswork of what herbal information is reliable.
Feel confident making herbal remedies that you feel safe using.
Troubleshoot your herbal creations with someone familiar with you.

“Erin takes the stress out of herbalism while providing ideas for structure and practicing herbalism. There’s no judgment and ample praise and encouragement.

She’s intensely knowledgeable about plants, their structure, planting, harvesting, foraging. But she is forthcoming when a plant is new to her or an herbal preparation is not one she utilizes. She’s funny, self deprecating, honest, open, warm and inviting. She is always introducing creative new ways to work with and deepen our relationships with plants.

Erin has scruples and convictions which I agree with. I’ve learned much about managing my time to make room for herbalism and allow myself to fail and try again.”

Jennifer Mills

What can you expect As an Apprentice wth me?

After you join, we’ll have a one-to-one discovery call to discuss your wellness goals, prior herbal learning experiences, preferred learning styles all to help me create a personalized learning plan for you.

Over three months, I’ll take you from overwhelmed to more empowered with your herbal path. You won’t be alone in this process. 

We meet via phone or virtually 2 times a month for 30 minutes each and once a month virtually with other apprentices.

I have many experiences that I draw from to assist you:

– Master Herbalist Certificate

– B.S. in Geography with emphasis in Natural Resource Management

– M.S. Environmental Studies with ethnobotany focus

– Worked in 2 commercial greenhouses & one educational

– Provided community based education for 10 years as a horticulture educator for a University extension 

– experienced other ways of knowing about the world through sacred fire circles, sweat lodges, ceremonies, and more

– and so much more including writing grants, appearing on media, organizing events, and teaching thousands of people of all ages from university classrooms to community gardens.


You could get customized herbal advice through an herbal consultation, however you’d be missing the continued guidance of an herbalist helping you create a path to self-sufficient herbal remedy making.

You could take herbalism classes and ecourses, however you’d be missing the continued guidance of a trusted herbalist to help you match herbal remedies to your wellness goals.

With an Herbal Apprenticeship you’re investing in your yourself.

You can be the front line to soothe your ailments in order to potentially reduce the escalation of a more serious problem.

“I absolutely have enjoyed the Grow your own Apothecary Mentorship Program, I have learned a lot more about different herbs that can help with anxiety and help with some heart issues such as high blood pressure.

Erin is amazing I truly enjoy getting to talk with her during a lesson, and she is always checking in to see how your doing with your research on herbs.

She has also taught me different ways to use herbs such as tinctures, oils, salves, teas and some of the benefits they all have to offer. I would recommend this class to any who is just starting out like I am, to someone who has a some knowledge of herbs already. Honestly you can never stop learning there’s always more out there to know about herbs.”

Jessica G.

2020 participant in the Mentorship Program

how it works

Fill out the apprenticeship application here. After that, I’ll contact you to set up a time to connect via phone or video. This will give each of us an oppotunity to learn if I’m able to provide you with the support you need to reach your particular goal.

If all is ready to move into the Apprenticeship a payment option will be arranged – either a $1000/month installment or full price of $2,499 for the 3 month apprenticeship.

I will provide accountability as much as you desire. Bi-weekly lessons also mean time for regular check-ins to see how your herbal plan is going and to learn from others. This is also the time for Q&A sessions when you will have immediate access to me.


In-between the bi-weekly lessons, you will have access to me–via email through Facebook Messenger–when problems and questions arise.

You’ll have access to all my recorded lesson in the Green Witch Gardening ecourse, Plant Priestess Circle, and Grow your Apothecary ecourses. 

Pre-recorded lessons about herbal remedies, herbalism, plant identification, and other topics will be provided as needs arise. No more throwing content at you hoping you will pick it up; the content here is geared to you and your learning plan.

FREE 15 minute discovery call

With my experiences, I can help you grow herbs, wildcraft, make herbal remedies, and identify plants. I have worked in multiple greenhouses learning to cultivate and care for plants. Also, I have taught thousands of people of all ages about herbalism, horticulture, and environmental subjects for well over 10 years. 

Do you have questions about the Herbal Apprenticeship? Sign up (click here) for a FREE 15-minute discover call with me.

This is a one of a kind experience herbal learning!

No other herbal consultation allows for months of personalized guidance to implement an herbal plan.

Limited spots available. Because you get exclusive access to my knowledge and super problem solving skills, I am limiting the available spots.

Are you ready to transform your wellbeing and live the life you feel calling you? Join today!

I have been where you are today …

… overwhelmed, unsure what to focus on first, lonely in this endeavor – but you don’t have to study alone! Now, you can have access to the methods I created to help increase my speed and efficiency of learning and utilizing herbal knowledge.

Since my days of gardening as a child in Wisconsin, I have always been captivated by plants. They soothed me in times of trouble and were always there for me. It’s as if I could sense their encouragement. During my teen years, I began my self-studies in herbalism – and like you, I was passionate about the topic but overwhelmed with the information and a bit lost (and lonely) about how to continue.

I experienced other ways of knowing as I worked for a federally recognized shamanic wiccan church, interned with a cultural healing center with a tribal nation, and experienced other ways of knowing through ceremony, ritual, sacred fire circles, sweatlodges, and as a Plant Priestess.

I have been studying and practicing nature spirituality for decades. I believe there are multiple ways to use and experience plant life, including the Plant Priestess perspective.

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