Plant Spirit Gathering

Save the date: September 14-16, 2018

Learning herbalism hands-on at the beautiful
Stargazen woodland retreat in Augusta, Wisconsin.

Hosted by Full Circle Herbals, River Prairie Apothecary, and Wise Water Botanicals


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Whether you are new to learning herbalism or practicing a long time, this gathering is for you.

Play with herbs while living in the magical woods for three days drinking herbal tea, communing with plants, and connecting with other plant lovers.


Topics and activites planned for the Plant Spirit Gathering

Herbal remedy making: lots of hands-on expierence with workshops and make-and-take stations

Plant identification: plant walks in the wooded area around Stargazen Retreat Center and in their herbal gardens

Materia medica: Start new herbal materia medica profiles or gathering information to add to existing ones 

Skill sharing time: We’ll set aside time for participants to share skills with each other (examples: yoga, weaving, dancing, and others)

Campfire time: Bring your drums, flutes, fun witchy/hippy clothes, songs, stories for time around the campfire

Altar making: We’ll make a communal altar on the first day of the Gathering with items brought by participants

Initiation time: Declare your committment for the plants and medicinal herbs by recieveing an initiation herbalism or Plant Priestess  


You'll leave the Gathering with:

Your very own herbal remedy kit
A welcome gift
Learning Herbalism Workbook by Erin LaFaive
Certificate of completion
Worksheets and handouts for future reference
New friendships!

Planners & Presenters


Erin LaFaive has expierence connecting with plants from her expierence with gardening, working in three greenhouses, internships at arboretums, cultural healing centers, conducting research as an undergraduate and gradute student. Including 9 years teaching all ages and knowledge backgrounds as a horticulture eductor with University of WI – Extension.

  Erin LaFaive

Master Herbalist, Plant Priestess, Full Circle Herbals LLC

Kerri Kiernan is a Master Herbalist and owner of River Prairie Apothecary which is a small business focusing on using natural remedies for self-care. Kerri grows her own herbs as well as uses medicinal plants from the wild to make her own remedies and products which she uses with her clients. Kerri loves to teach and share her plant knowledge with others in her community; she is passionate about inspiring others to care more deeply for themselves, for others and for all living things. Kerri Kiernan

Master Herbalist, River Priaire Apothecary

Master Herbalist Amy Shea is the owner of Wise Waters Botanicals. Her passion for herbalism was sparked 16 years ago when she began her journey as an apprentice to Jessie Conaway. She graduated from Green Wisdom School of Botanical and Natural Medicine in 2015. Her teaching experience includes serving as a contracted instructor for Green Wisdom post graduation, as the Materia Medica Instructor for the Master Herbalism Program as well as beginner level classes and intermediate level classes and teaching sessions. Amy has a wide variety of interests within the realms of herbalism; and those interests continue to grow and expand, refine and evolve: herbal materia medica, medieval herb lore, herbal support for chronic illnesses and cancer, ethical and sustainable wildcrafting, and plants as a part of spiritual practice. Amy Shea

Master Herbalist, Wise Water Botanicals


The cost of the Plant Spirit Gathering will be around $500 with opportunites for early-bird registration discounts.

More details on food and sleeping arrangements are forthcoming.

If you want to reserve a spot now, $200 will be accepted as your first installment.


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