Mini Herbal Pages

with Erin LaFaive

Need an fun and quick way to learn herbs?

Or, want to refresh your knowledge?

Start now! Get a one-page herbal page delivered to your email each full moon. $0

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Every full moon you’ll receive a new mini herbal page. 

I sift through many sources to bring you a one-page herbal information sheet. A quick glance so you can start learning herbs with ease.

Watch your knowledge about herbs grow steadily! Each full moon you’ll receive a mini herbal page.


Each page contains:

  • Common name
  • Latin (scientific) name
  • Plant family name
  • Plant parts used 
  • Identification tips
  • How to use the herb
  • Historical and folklore uses 
  • Links to recipes or products, if available 

Why are these delivered on the full moon? Because I want to align more fully with the moon cycles (28 days). Moon cycles are also the same as the female reproductive cycles ~ isn’t that interesting?

Currently, most societies are ruled by the cycles of the sun. That’s what the 12 month calendars are based on. I’m exploring what life is like using the moon cycles. It’s fun!


Learning more about Plant Spirit Medicine is a worthy calling – and I want to help you learn easily and quickly, but efficiently too.

I can’t wait to help you on this path!

In accordance with Wisconsin law and professional standards, the purpose of Full Circle Herbals, LLC is for educational information about Complementary & Alternative Medicine subjects. It is not intended to take the place of personalized medical counseling, diagnosis and/or treatment by a trained medical physician. Herbs and other botanicals are classified by the Food and Drug Administration as food products, to date. Botanicals are not classified as “medicines”. 
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