I consider myself someone who infuses herbs into daily life . . . everyday!

But, one day I realized "when is the last time I had a cup of tea?! herbal infusion? salve?". The answer was, many days.

"How could that be?" I asked myself.  You know that feeling, seems just like yesterday that you did something. Then, you start counting the days when you last did that certain thing and realize it was weeks or months ago. 

Here's the tracking sheet I keep on my refrigerator as a reminder of the plants I want to use for particular health goals. I want to share it with you!

Just the other day I found an Arnica salve in the refrigerator that I forgot about because I started to use a different balm for sore muscles. Then I found another recipe to try and now I have 3 salves for sore muscles! Which one to use? I put "sore muscle salve" on the tracking sheet so I would remember to use one of them.

​I decided I needed to 'walk my talk' and actually USE herbs everyday. How would I keep myself to this goal? How could I get into the daily habit? It's so important to me, though I wasn't making time for it because I had "more important" things to do. 

I created a sheet I could keep on my refrigerator to remind me of the plants I wanted to use for particular health goals. 

I added on physical therapy exercise, vitamins, turmeric capsules, and tea.  How sad it is that my life becomes "too busy" for a cup of tea. The laundry can wait. I need some liquid minerals and vitamins from my tea!  Please help yourself to this Wellness 'Daily Tracking Sheet'. I'd love to see a picture of where you hang it in your house by posting on my facebook page or send me an email. 

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